• Big Kmart at 4747 Richford Lane, Sleepy, Texas
    This store still uses the 1962-1990 logo on all of signs even after it was converted to Big Kmart on May 18, 1999.
  • This store was one of several Kmart discount stores to be converted into the Big Kmart concept, but none of the logo signs have been replaced and only the interior ever saw some changes.
  • The auto center that was added in 1984 was originally a Kmart-branded auto center. It was converted to a Meineke auto center in 2006.
  • The store's cafeteria was replaced with a Little Caesars restaurant in 1999.
  • The indoor playground was installed in 1999.
  • The garden center still has the "Garden Shop" sign from the 1970s.
  • The indoor playground has a crawl tube maze with slides and a ball pit.
  • The Sears Outlet is in a seperate building located just seven miles away from this store.
  • A KWash laundormat was added in 2015.
  • The store's birthday party room is located next to Little Caesars.
  • The store's indoor playground is located next to the garden center.
  • A pharmachy drive thru window was added to the store in 1999.
  • The store has a 1980s Coke machine in the front door way.
  • This store originally opened on July 7, 1977.
  • The store has the 1962-1990 Kmart as well as "The savings place!" tagline on the floor by the entrance.
  • The restrooms are located in the back of the store by the layaway department and the baby section.
  • The garden center is enclosed.