• Store closing signs at most of the shuttered Kmart and Big Kmart stores (that were downsized from Super Kmart format years before their closure) all use the 1991-2006 Kmart Australia logo. (1991-2006 Kmart Australia logo:
  • Some Kmart stores that were upgraded to Big Kmart and Super Kmart use the 1962-1990 Kmart logo.
  • Some Kmart stores upgraded to Super Kmart and Big Kmart also use a version of the 1990 Kmart logo in style of the 2004 Kmart logo.
  • One Kmart store that was converted to Super Kmart (it still is a Super Kmart as of 2015) still exclusively uses the 1990 Kmart logo with red stripes on left and right intact. That store is located on 467 Krisland Road, in Millard, New Jersey.
  • Some Kmart stores have a Sears auto center.
  • Some Kmart store are co-branded with Sears.