• Downsized from a Super Kmart in 2008 due to poor holiday sales in 2007.
  • Store closed in 2009 due to its lease being up.
  • Now divided between a McDonald's restaurant and a Zayre store because Zayre was looking to expand in the area and McDonald's wanted a bigger location.
  • A store closing sign read "Store closing forever because Zayre wants to move in here!".
  • Another store closed sign read "Thank you for shopping with us for 30 years, our store is going to be closed, boarded up, and demolished, but we're looking forward to serving you at other Kmart and Sears stores in the Ohio Valley. So, after all these years of serving you and the Ohio Valley, it's time for us to say Goodbye, and Thanks for the memories."
  • A newspaper headline for the store closing read "Zayre in, Kmart out!", while another one read "Another Kmart bites the dust".
  • Local TV stations reported on the store closing, including WTOV (NBC), WTRF (CBS), and WTAE (ABC; Pittsburgh, PA)
  • The store originally opened in 1979.
  • When the closure of this Kmart store was announce three others store besides Zayre wanted the space, including Zellers, Macy's, Toys "R" Us, and Wegmans.
  • Pharmacy prescriptions were transferred to local area Fay's Drugs stores.

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