• Kmart at Lynn Haven Pkwy Lynn Haven, Florida (post-closure and pre-demolition)

    Lynn Haven Pkwy's Kmart store shortly after it closed forever.

    Downsized from a Super Kmart store in 2011 due to slow holiday sales in 2010.
  • Closed in 2014 due to the store's lease being up and also due to the land was sold to a commercial developer that wanted to demolish Kmart for a Super Target and a small store complex with a Justice store, a Dollar Tree store, and a Hollywood Video store.
  • Used the 1990-2004 logo prior to closure.
  • Pharmacy prescriptions were transferred to local area Rite Aid stores.
  • The store was demolished in 2015 to make way for a Super Target and a small store complex with a Justice store, a Dollar Tree store, and a Hollywood Video store.
  • The store closing sign read "Farewell, Lynn Haven, we were proud to serve you for all these years and we look forward to serving you at our other Kmart and Sears stores in Lynn Haven". 
  • Another store closing sign read "This location is closing everything must go! 30-60% all clothing".
  • Yet another store closed sign read "Store fixtures for sale, ask manger for details".
  • After the store closed, the 1990 Kmart logo sign was taken down, being replaced with a Kmart 1990 logo parody sign, which read "Farewell", allowing another below it saying "awaiting the wrecking ball for Super Target and more".
  • After store closing was announced, local news stations reported on the store closing, including mentioning that a Super Target store was going to replace Kmart. Stations that reported on the closing included WDAI (CBS), WALZ (ABC), WLYN (NBC).
  • Special deals for the store closing sale included selling store signs to the public.
  • A newspaper headline for the store closing read "Goodbye Kmart".
  • Layway contracts were either paid early, transferred to another Kmart store, exchanged for a Kmart gift card, or refunded.
  • The store originally opened on May 7, 1970.
  • The store was converted to Super Kmart in 1996
  • The former K-Cafe was used as a clearance section during the store's final years.
  • The store original Kmart that was use on the store from 1970-1996 was put up for auction shortly after the store closed.
  • The cafeteria was replaced with a KCafe in 1994.

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