• Paradise Path, Mexico Beach, Florida - (opened March 3, 1999) - First Wegmans store in Florida, repleced a Kmart Foods store that had closed in 1997. Located next to Kmart.
  • 130 White Blossom Trail, Port St. Joe, Florida - (opened June 18, 2012) - Replaced the 304 Avenue F location.
  • ??? McLeansville, North Carolina - (opened March 1994) - First Wegmans store in North Carolina.
  • ???? Griffland, Tainer - (opened March 10, 2011) - Was part of an old Kmart store that had closed in 1994, but later it was divided up into separate retail spaces.


  • 304 Avenue F, Port St. Joe, Florida - (opened May 20, 2000) - Closed in 2012 and was replaced with a Chuck E. Cheese's and a Kmart.

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