• Sears had used the 1958-1963 logo on the outside signs from 1961-1986 and inside the mall from 1961-1986. In 1986 the sign were replaced with the 1984-1994 logo, and then in 1995, the 1994-2004 Sears logo until the entire store was remodeled in 2005.
  • Schuyler Lake Mall was the first mall to have a Brothers store.
  • Toys "R" Us in this mall still uses the 1980s brown roof look, rainbow stripes, brown roof ripples, "EXIT ONLY" sign, Geoffrey orange entrance sign, Geoffrey sign on the roof, and all even after it got co-branded with Babies "R" Us in 2011 with a second story add-on and a replica 1996 logo sign (with light rainbow colors)
  • Wegmans moved to an outparcel in 2011 to make way for a Bass Pro Shop.
  • Montgomery Ward was the first store to open at the mall in 1961.
  • In 2004, a Neopets promotion was held at Starcade & Neon Golf where customers can trade in their ticket for Neopets prizes and gift cards to Toys "R" Us.
  • The old Montgomery Ward auto center is now being used for valet parking.
  • In 2003 to celebrate the grand opening of The Pokemon Center a Pokemon promotion was held where customers got a gold Pikachu figurine with a 20 dollar or more purchase.
  • Schuyler Lake Mall didn't get a grocery store until 1991 when Wegmans opened a store at the mall.
  • A Warner Bros. Studio Store promotion was held in 1995 for the store's grand opening and they a Bug Bunny costume character for customers to have the picture taken with.
  • Schuyler Lake Mall got its name from the Schuyler Lake amusement park that is located directly across from the mall.

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