• Still has the brown roof look.
  • The Exit Only sign is only located on the outside of the mall.
  • The second story Babies "R" Us addition was added on in 2011.
  • From 1980-1990, Toys "R" Us was Child World store
  • The in mall entrance has the rainbow striped paneling
  • The cart corrals have giraffe print canopies on them
  • The store has a birthday party room
  • The store has an indoor playground that was remodeled in addition to a new set of elevators.
  • Unisex family restrooms were added to the store in 2011.
  • The store's indoor playground was installed in 1991 and was remodeled in 2011 with an additional ball pit for toddlers.
  • The store is located next to Tony Hawk Gear Shop and Dollar Tree.
  • The customer pick up area is located on the side of the store.
  • The store has a Batman Batmobile and a Pikachu coin-op kiddie rides in the front hallway.

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